Get Ready For Winter Session!

Winter Session Starts Jan. 4!

Winter Session Starts Jan. 4!

Happy Holidays lovelies! Just a reminder that Winter session starts on January 4. We’ll have new music, new choreography and a lot of fun.

Please note at the top of this page that there is a new tag – Workshops. My good friend Ezma Siddiqah is hosting the world renown Jasmin Jahal on March 1-2. I’m so excited she’s coming! This is a rare opportunity to have such a fantastic dancer and instructor right here in Fargo. If you have not been dancing long please note that the first workshop is appropriate for ALL LEVELS – that means you! So mark your calendars and sign up for early bird pricing.

Here’s hoping you get all the sparkles you desire!


Fall 2013 Class Session Begins Sept. 7!

Fall 2013 Starts Sept. 7

Fall 2013 Starts Sept. 7

Is the summer almost over already?! I can hardly believe it. So tie on your hip scarf and let’s get our shimmy on! First class starts Sept. 7, 10am-11am at the Spirit Room in the Lotus Studio.  There will be a couple of weeks when I have obligations so I will give students due notice if a particular week is postponed.

One weekend for sure we won’t have class is Oct. 19, when I will be attending the Lovely Dozen’s workshop in Grand Forks, featuring Mahin, of Bellydance Quickies fame. I’m really excited about this opportunity, and I recommend all area dancers consider making the trip up North.

Check out my Class FAQ if you have questions, or email me, or message me on Facebook. Hope to see you all soon!

No Class on April 20

Sad news all – Due to the Blue Elephant event at the Spirit Room we won’t be able to have class tomorrow morning. We will have one more shimmy class on April 27!

Special Shimmy Session Starts Saturday

New Session Starts April 6

New Session Starts April 6

I love alliteration!

Yesterday we just finished up our winter session of class, and we’ll start up a new session right away this Saturday. However, it will be a super short session because CoreCon will be the first weekend of May, and Saroya of Atlanta‘s workshop, as well as Shimmy Mob, in Grand Forks is the second weekend in May, and I take summers off. But, I figured we could get a good workout in before we call it a season so our short session will not feature a full choreography as usual, but we will do all shimmies, all the time. Egyptian shimmy, twist shimmy, 3/4 shimmy, shoulder shimmy; while walking, changing our weight, on one foot or two. Remember to eat your Wheaties before class!

This Month in Bellydance – March!

Vixen Variety Shows

Vixen Variety Shows

February was a crazy month, and March shows no signs of slowing down. Vixen Variety Shows will be putting on a spectacular at Big D’s in Fargo Wednesday, March 13 at 10pm. We’ve just recruited some great hula hoopers and a fire eater in addition to drag, burlesque and of course bellydance, so don’t miss it!

The stars have finally aligned and I will be able to attend Cassandra Shore’s weeklong bellydance intensive. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! I’ve been wanting to do this for about 10 years. I just got an update today on what we will be doing: two choreographies, a class performance, two professional performances, stage makeup, the works! Gonna be great!

And we’ll be at the Winery again for our monthly show on March 30, this time the theme is “spring.” Chef John could pull anything out of his masterful hat. Whatever it is you won’t want to miss it. Nom!

We’re going to be wrapping up our current class session on March 30 (no class March 23 due to the workshop), and starting a 4-week shimmy intensive to round out the season. That will be April 6-27. After that no regular class until after Labor Day. But we will still have haflas and other events. Check back here for updates.

Looking further out on the calendar, don’t forget CoreCon is May 3-5, where I will co-host The KEEP, which is possibly the best con suite there (totally unbiased opinion), and the Mistryl Shimmy Guard (best bellydance troupe at CoreCon, also unbiased) will be making their debut at the Death Star Visitor’s Lounge.

AND of course May 11 is World Bellydance Day. The Lovely Dozen are hosting a weekend-long workshop with Saroya of Atlanta, as well as the Shimmy Mob! This is going to be a BLAST! If you are interested in the shimmy mob I suggest you register right away so you can come to grips with the choreography. Click the links for more info.

I’m tuckered out just typing about all of this stuff. Hope you can join us!

Choice Music to Chill By



I was asked after class today what music we were listening to during the warmup and cool down. Well, lots of different stuff. I’ve been accumulating dance music since 1999, and if you played the entire lot you could go for 2 full days with no repeats. Here’s what I like to warm up with:

Serpents Dance by Arcana (from Le Serpent Rouge)

Chifti Telle and Floor Work Slow Chifti by Eddie “The Sheik” Kochak (from Strictly Belly Dance Vol 1 & 3 respectively)

Ambesto by Mahmoud Fadl (from Drummers of the Nile Go South)

Beni Beni, Tamana, and Iman by Niyaz (from Nine Heavens)

Saraab by Simon Shaheen (from the compilation album Desert Roses and Arabian Rhythms Vol. 3)

Sehr Oyounik and Last Words by the Temple, by Hossam Ramzy (from Best of Hossam Ramzy)

Some of these artists are not easy to find unless you get compilation albums like the Bellydance Superstars or Desert Roses series, but worth checking out for sure! I posted a while back about how to find new music if you are interested in learning more. Feel free to post some of your favorites in the comments!


New Session Starts Tomorrow!

Winter 2013 starts Jan. 12

Winter 2013 starts Jan. 12

Don’t forget, class starts tomorrow! We’ll be concentrating on veils this session. If you don’t have a veil I will have spares in class. If you want to get one of your own I recommend a very light polyester organza that floats gracefully down when you flip it in the air, or if you want to go hog wild you can get a silk veil, preferably 5mm but 8mm is also good, just heavier. My favorite spots to get these are on from ClevelandUrbanGirl or SilkDancer, or at I have no affiliation with any of these vendors at all, I’m not getting any kickbacks, I promise! We’ll be working with rectangular veils and not half-circles.

It is very easy to make your own. If you go to the fabric store and buy your own material you really just need 3 yards of fabric. Stitch or fray-check the cut ends and you are in business! I prefer 45″ width so I don’t step on the material. I’m short. Contact me if you have any questions about that.

The music we will be using is “Rumba For Veil Work” from Eddie Kochak’s Strictly Belly Dance Vol. 3. This should be downloadable on or iTunes. It is 2:23 long.

If you are looking for a new challenge there are lots of workshops coming up in the region: make sure to check out ongoing workshops and classes from Gaia Sophia; The Lovely Dozen is sponsoring a wonderful workshop in May to coincide with World Belly Dance Day; The Jawaahir school in Minneapolis has a week-long intensive coming up in March that should be fabulous!

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