Fun Times With Friends!

Improv to live drums!

We had a super Saturday! Class field trip with Karen, Cheryl, Mikayla and Bonnie to Gaia Sophia’s ATS workshop with 12 Houses Bellydance in Grand Forks. Loved it! Gaia Sophia is a great teacher and all around super lady, so if you have a chance to go to one of her workshops do it! In the evening there was a hafla and live drumming at the end. The Lovely Dozen were performing acts from their Halloween show, so I ultimately decided not to worry about the red eye too much – it adds to the atmosphere. Here are some highlights.

Gaia Sophia – check out that sweet costume!

Jennifer’s awesome solo

Amanda is a dangerous beauty!

Natasha is possibly the best zombie belly dancer ever

Love Sharon’s costume and moves!

Jenna has perfect balance, poise and grace with a hookah on her head

Yours truly ❀

Rockin’ out for the big finale

Bernie, Natasha and Gaia Sophia jammin’

The one thing I am constantly amazed by is the generous and supportive nature of the dance community. I am so grateful to know you all!

Special Thanks to:

  • Mikayla for taking many of these pictures for me!
  • Bonnie for having a veil in her car that just happened to match my outfit – you are officially hard core just for carrying that around with you!
  • Gaia Sophia for putting on some great workshops and performances!
  • Lisa and 12 Houses for hosting the hafla!
  • The Lovely Dozen for making this thing happen!

I apologize if I missed any thanks or if I was not able to get a picture of some of the dancers. You were all wonderful and I look forward to seeing you again!

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