Bellydance With Erica FAQ

The purpose of this class is to get your body moving, feel good, and learn something fun. Big or small, short or tall, we’re all beautiful and we should show it! You may have more questions outside of my pep talks, so here are the most common ones:

When/Where/How Long?
Fall 2011 session will last 10 weeks and will start Saturday, Sept. 10. I will have a couple Saturdays off in those weeks so it will probably go right up to Thanksgiving, when we will take a holiday break and reconvene December 3 for Winter session. Class goes from 10am-11am and is held at The Spirit Room at 111 Broadway in Fargo, ND. We are in the Lotus Studio.

How much does it cost?
Because this is a 10 week session I have 10 week punch cards for $70. The card is not exclusive to this session, so if you only come every-other week it will last 2 sessions, or however long you draw it out. There are also 7 week punch cards available for $49 if you prefer. I will not be able to take payment on a class-by-class basis, but if you are a visiting teacher or you have a relative from out of town who wants to come with you to class talk to me.

Do you accept drop-ins?
As mentioned under cost, punch cards are typically required with few exceptions. Also, we learn choreography progressively through the 10 weeks, so you may feel lost if you show up on week 5. You can catch up easily at week 2 or 3.

What style do you teach?
My background is primarily Egyptian/Cabaret, so that is what I teach. Fall 2011 session I will also be going over veil work, but other sessions have included zills (finger cymbals). I will also touch upon costuming and any other recommendations as they come up. I will teach a full choreography during the 10 weeks. This class is aimed at beginning level students, but even if you know your shimmies you are welcome – you may learn something new!
If you are interested in ATS, please check out Cassandra’s class at 3:30pm on Saturdays.

Who can attend?
Ladies ages 16-106, provided you are able to stretch and do low-impact aerobic exercise. Students younger than 16 must be accompanied by a parent who is also taking the class. I have had some students bring their daughters who are also in ballet and that seems to work out OK. I do not teach male bellydance at this time. Because of the difference in body structure the moves are often different and I don’t feel I can do as good a job without further study. If you are a guy who is interested in bellydance let me know and I’ll see if a second class is viable. If you are neither or both, talk to me.

What should I wear?
Top: Should be form-fitting and stretchy so you can see how you move.
Pants: Yoga pants, sweats, leotard – something stretchy you can move around in.
Feet: Ballet slippers, Foot Undeez, or socks are best. If you wear socks they will get very dirty. Some people prefer to dance barefoot, but it can ruin your day to step on a stray bead or piece of gravel that may have been tracked on the floor. Best to have some protection.
Additional: A hip scarf is helpful for being able to see how your hips are moving and I strongly recommend getting one. I will have additional scarves for anyone who does not have one. I will be emphasizing veils rather than zills this session. For a veil you really just need about 3 yards of light, sheer fabric with good “hand.” I will go over this the first day of class, and have a couple spares available as necessary.

If I have missed anything, please post your question. Otherwise you can email me at

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