Busy, busy, busy…

Enchanting Erica at Grindfest 3

Grindfest 3

Well, it has been a busy month for sure! Saturday morning class has been going swimmingly; we are polishing up the choreography and have one more class left on December 1 before we take a little holiday break. Class will resume on January 12 with all new choreography. Keep practicing shimmies and zills!

Bad Weather Burlesque has been picking up the pace, first with the Uni-T Ball, the JT Cigarro Huntin’ Opener (featuring Tomahawk Tassels!) and Grindfest 3 (hosted by KNDS). The next Uni-T ball will be December 8. Plans are in the works for more shows, and keep an eye out for us on Valentine’s Day.

Red River Raks has been keeping us belly dancers busy for sure, with Gaia Sophia’s workshop at 12 Houses Bellydance, and our quarterly hafla. In March I will be attending my first big intensive with Cassandra Shore – I am so excited I can’t stand it!

But for the holidays and most of December I’m going to have a little rest, work on some costumes, and update my blog. Keep checking back for more news, and thanks for your support!

Fun Times With Friends!

Improv to live drums!

We had a super Saturday! Class field trip with Karen, Cheryl, Mikayla and Bonnie to Gaia Sophia’s ATS workshop with 12 Houses Bellydance in Grand Forks. Loved it! Gaia Sophia is a great teacher and all around super lady, so if you have a chance to go to one of her workshops do it! In the evening there was a hafla and live drumming at the end. The Lovely Dozen were performing acts from their Halloween show, so I ultimately decided not to worry about the red eye too much – it adds to the atmosphere. Here are some highlights.

Gaia Sophia – check out that sweet costume!

Jennifer’s awesome solo

Amanda is a dangerous beauty!

Natasha is possibly the best zombie belly dancer ever

Love Sharon’s costume and moves!

Jenna has perfect balance, poise and grace with a hookah on her head

Yours truly ❤

Rockin’ out for the big finale

Bernie, Natasha and Gaia Sophia jammin’

The one thing I am constantly amazed by is the generous and supportive nature of the dance community. I am so grateful to know you all!

Special Thanks to:

  • Mikayla for taking many of these pictures for me!
  • Bonnie for having a veil in her car that just happened to match my outfit – you are officially hard core just for carrying that around with you!
  • Gaia Sophia for putting on some great workshops and performances!
  • Lisa and 12 Houses for hosting the hafla!
  • The Lovely Dozen for making this thing happen!

I apologize if I missed any thanks or if I was not able to get a picture of some of the dancers. You were all wonderful and I look forward to seeing you again!