Fall Classes Start Sept. 8!

Fall 2012 starts Sept. 8!

Wow, the summer sure has flown by! I can hardly believe class starts up in just a few weeks. I’ve got my music all picked out and choreo is ready to go. Are you ready? If you have any questions at all please contact me or check out my FAQ. Also check out the calendar on this blog for upcoming events.

Even though we haven’t had class it sure has been a busy summer! Bad Weather Burlesque has been causing a heat wave downtown with Cruisin’ Broadway and Uni-T events. Come see our new friends Super Happy Fun Time Burlesque on August 24th, and our performance with more new friends, Black Hearts Burlesque at JT Cigarro on August 30. And if you can’t get enough, come see us at the Uni-T Ball on Sept. 1, and for our last Cruisin’ Broadway of the season on Sept. 6. I told you we were busy!

In more bellydance news, we had a fantastic hafla with our friends from The Lovely Dozen just last weekend. And they are busy too! Performing at the Grand Forks Art and Wine Walk on Saturday August 18, hosting workshops and haflas with Gaia Sophia, and teaching some of us a move or two. Check out their web site and Facebook for more info.

I’m especially excited that I’ve had a chance to meet some wonderful dancers through Red River Raks on Facebook. If you are looking for classes or workshops in the region; if you are a musician looking for a dancer, or vice versa; if you have an event and need someone to perform; or if you are just interested in finding out about local performances please join us!

See you all soon!

PS – I have been negligent with my credits. I have been using PS brushes from Obsidian Dawn for most of my posters. If you do graphics check out their stuff!

Wonderful Recital and Busy Week

Triumphant dancers after the recital

Erica, Annette, Sarah, Karen, Tatiana, Cheryl and Bonnie

This has been, and is going to be, such a busy week I can hardly keep my head on straight. Most important was our recital on Sunday. I am so proud of my students! We did five choreographies, and even though some of them had not been in class for all of the dances (we learn a new one each session) they all wanted to dance to all of the songs and took the time to learn them on their own! This was a first recital for most of the ladies and they did a wonderful job. I can hardly get over it. We still have one wrap-up class this Saturday morning before we break for the summer. I’ll miss you gals so much between now and September!

Last Saturday night was the monthly Uni-T Ball, which was so much fun, as ever. Bad Weather Burlesque has a lot going on, including the Cruisin’ Broadway show at the Aquarium on Thursday night. Stop by our photo booth on Broadway. We’re trying to raise some cash so we can put on even more amazing shows for you. And then we are opening for Lee Rocker at the grand opening of Sickie’s Garage at the Hub on Friday night.Ā  You’ll get to see some brand new acts from myself and other talented performers, so come on out, at least one of those nights! We have one heck of a lineup scheduled.

And if you are a bellydancer, teacher, student, musician, artist, costumer or fan please check out the new Facebook group Red River Raks. I just put it together, moments before typing this post. I would really like to get everyone together so we can find out what other dancers are doing or want to do. I would like this to be a resource – if you are looking for a dancer to perform, a drummer to accompany, someone to form a troupe with, someone to do your henna tattoos, etc, please post here.

For you fans in the Grand Forks area, The Lovely Dozen are performing at the Grand Cities Art Fest at 2pm. I won’t be able to make it myself, so you’d better go enjoy it for me.

What’s next? A nap, I think.