Upcoming Events in the Fargo-Moorhead Area – get off your butt!

Le Belle de Trois

Le Belle de Trois

Hey everyone! Spring (LOL! Whatevs) is upon us and there is so much happening. I thought I’d keep you all in the loop. Make sure to check out my calendar page too.

Friday, April 19:

Vixen Variety Shows at Big D’s with 24/7 – If VV is there it’s totally worth it, right?

Saturday, April 20:

Edge Life Holistic Expo, Fargo Civic Center, both Saturday and Sunday

Blue Elephant Bazaar at the Spirit Room. Sale starts at 2pm, followed by a performance, meal, and book launch. This is an all-day celebration.

Superhappyfuntime returns to FM. Legacy Ballroom, 9pm

Saturday, April 27:

Le Belle de Trois at The Winery: 3 course meal and 3 course entertainment featuring Enchanting Erica, Ladyking Cole, The Alabaster Disaster, and Jarica Jordan.

Friday, May 3-Sunday, May 5:

CoreCon – fan convention extraordinaire at the Days Inn Moorhead. Visit the KEEP for Kaiju goodness and an in-depth look at nudist films, and see the Mistryl Shimmy Guard debut at the Death Star Visitors’ Lounge. There will be other stuff too. 😉

Saturday, May 4:

Vixen Variety Shows at the Legacy Ballroom, 10pm

Tuesday, May 7:

Chippendales at the Garage Bar, Moorhead, 8pm

Saturday, May 11:

World Bellydance Day Stage Show, Firehall Theater 415 2nd Ave N, Grand Forks, ND, 8pm

Friday, May 31:

Naughty Novice Night with Bad Weather Burlesque – check out the new talent and vote for the best Burlesque! More info TBA.

Obviously as the F-M area is pretty happenin’ there is much, much more going on, but this list is the best of the best. I’m not at all biased, really. 😉

Special Shimmy Session Starts Saturday

New Session Starts April 6

New Session Starts April 6

I love alliteration!

Yesterday we just finished up our winter session of class, and we’ll start up a new session right away this Saturday. However, it will be a super short session because CoreCon will be the first weekend of May, and Saroya of Atlanta‘s workshop, as well as Shimmy Mob, in Grand Forks is the second weekend in May, and I take summers off. But, I figured we could get a good workout in before we call it a season so our short session will not feature a full choreography as usual, but we will do all shimmies, all the time. Egyptian shimmy, twist shimmy, 3/4 shimmy, shoulder shimmy; while walking, changing our weight, on one foot or two. Remember to eat your Wheaties before class!

Fabulous February

Chocolate Veil

Chocolat du Trois at the Winery

Hi everyone! January is quickly coming to a close and there is so much going on in the next month! Let’s take a look:

NOW: Dance class at the Spirit Room just completed week 2 of 10 – having fun with veils! Read the interview with Enchanting Erica on their blog.

Feb. 2, 10pm: Uni-T Ball at the Legacy Ballroom, above the Pickled Parrot, 505 3rd Ave. N in Fargo. The best drag and burlesque in town!

Feb. 12, 7:30pm: Club Bellydance featuring me, of course, and my partner Ezma Siddiqah, Saphira, Cherish, Ana Ari, The Shimmy Sisters, Aremi, Ashley Throw, Gaia Sophia & Joan Anderl-Schaefer, Ezra, and The Lovely Dozen, and of course BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS Sabah, Moria, Nathalie, Sabrina and Victoria! Get your tickets HERE. $20 advance, $25 at the door. This is going to be EPIC! The Garage Bar, 3108 9th St. S., Moorhead, MN (next to the Safari Theater).

Feb. 14 & 15, 9 pm: Erotic Art Show, DK Custom Framing @ Gallery 14, performance downstairs at New Direction. Sexy art, saucy new acts from Bad Weather Burlesque and some yummy erotic poetry. Not to be missed! Art show starts at 7pm, live performances start at 9pm.

Feb. 16, 4-7pm: (note correction to time) Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, DK Custom Framing @ Gallery 14. Show off your artistic skills drawing Bad Weather Burlesque‘s gorgeous performers. Dry media only, no photography.

Feb 23, 7pm: Special show at The Winery, theme to be announced.

I don’t think I could possibly pack any more in! Will March be more restful? NO! I’ll be attending a week-long belly dance intensive at Jawaahir! I am so excited – I can’t wait!

Photo courtesy Shaun Johnson

Fall Classes Start Sept. 8!

Fall 2012 starts Sept. 8!

Wow, the summer sure has flown by! I can hardly believe class starts up in just a few weeks. I’ve got my music all picked out and choreo is ready to go. Are you ready? If you have any questions at all please contact me or check out my FAQ. Also check out the calendar on this blog for upcoming events.

Even though we haven’t had class it sure has been a busy summer! Bad Weather Burlesque has been causing a heat wave downtown with Cruisin’ Broadway and Uni-T events. Come see our new friends Super Happy Fun Time Burlesque on August 24th, and our performance with more new friends, Black Hearts Burlesque at JT Cigarro on August 30. And if you can’t get enough, come see us at the Uni-T Ball on Sept. 1, and for our last Cruisin’ Broadway of the season on Sept. 6. I told you we were busy!

In more bellydance news, we had a fantastic hafla with our friends from The Lovely Dozen just last weekend. And they are busy too! Performing at the Grand Forks Art and Wine Walk on Saturday August 18, hosting workshops and haflas with Gaia Sophia, and teaching some of us a move or two. Check out their web site and Facebook for more info.

I’m especially excited that I’ve had a chance to meet some wonderful dancers through Red River Raks on Facebook. If you are looking for classes or workshops in the region; if you are a musician looking for a dancer, or vice versa; if you have an event and need someone to perform; or if you are just interested in finding out about local performances please join us!

See you all soon!

PS – I have been negligent with my credits. I have been using PS brushes from Obsidian Dawn for most of my posters. If you do graphics check out their stuff!

Bellydance With Erica FAQ

The purpose of this class is to get your body moving, feel good, and learn something fun. Big or small, short or tall, we’re all beautiful and we should show it! You may have more questions outside of my pep talks, so here are the most common ones:

When/Where/How Long?
Fall 2011 session will last 10 weeks and will start Saturday, Sept. 10. I will have a couple Saturdays off in those weeks so it will probably go right up to Thanksgiving, when we will take a holiday break and reconvene December 3 for Winter session. Class goes from 10am-11am and is held at The Spirit Room at 111 Broadway in Fargo, ND. We are in the Lotus Studio.

How much does it cost?
Because this is a 10 week session I have 10 week punch cards for $70. The card is not exclusive to this session, so if you only come every-other week it will last 2 sessions, or however long you draw it out. There are also 7 week punch cards available for $49 if you prefer. I will not be able to take payment on a class-by-class basis, but if you are a visiting teacher or you have a relative from out of town who wants to come with you to class talk to me.

Do you accept drop-ins?
As mentioned under cost, punch cards are typically required with few exceptions. Also, we learn choreography progressively through the 10 weeks, so you may feel lost if you show up on week 5. You can catch up easily at week 2 or 3.

What style do you teach?
My background is primarily Egyptian/Cabaret, so that is what I teach. Fall 2011 session I will also be going over veil work, but other sessions have included zills (finger cymbals). I will also touch upon costuming and any other recommendations as they come up. I will teach a full choreography during the 10 weeks. This class is aimed at beginning level students, but even if you know your shimmies you are welcome – you may learn something new!
If you are interested in ATS, please check out Cassandra’s class at 3:30pm on Saturdays.

Who can attend?
Ladies ages 16-106, provided you are able to stretch and do low-impact aerobic exercise. Students younger than 16 must be accompanied by a parent who is also taking the class. I have had some students bring their daughters who are also in ballet and that seems to work out OK. I do not teach male bellydance at this time. Because of the difference in body structure the moves are often different and I don’t feel I can do as good a job without further study. If you are a guy who is interested in bellydance let me know and I’ll see if a second class is viable. If you are neither or both, talk to me.

What should I wear?
Top: Should be form-fitting and stretchy so you can see how you move.
Pants: Yoga pants, sweats, leotard – something stretchy you can move around in.
Feet: Ballet slippers, Foot Undeez, or socks are best. If you wear socks they will get very dirty. Some people prefer to dance barefoot, but it can ruin your day to step on a stray bead or piece of gravel that may have been tracked on the floor. Best to have some protection.
Additional: A hip scarf is helpful for being able to see how your hips are moving and I strongly recommend getting one. I will have additional scarves for anyone who does not have one. I will be emphasizing veils rather than zills this session. For a veil you really just need about 3 yards of light, sheer fabric with good “hand.” I will go over this the first day of class, and have a couple spares available as necessary.

If I have missed anything, please post your question. Otherwise you can email me at viator001@hotmail.com.

New fall session and upcoming event in Fargo

Fall 2011 Poster

Greetings all! We’re just over a month away from the new fall session and I’m really excited to get back into dancing. As before, class will be from 10:00-11:00 Saturday mornings, and this session will start Sept. 10. We’re at the Spirit Room in Fargo. This is a beginning class and all skill levels are welcome.

In other news, I will be doing a teen/tween program at the Lake Agassiz Regional Library in Barnesville on October 1 from 12:30-1:30pm. Since this is a one-off class and not a full session I plan to teach a few basic moves and then use them freestyle to some fun music. This is a totally new thing for me, so wish me luck!

For your viewing pleasure, The Shimmy Sisters, Oasis Dancers and students thereof will be performing at NDSU Beckwith Auditorium in September. I’m trying to get clarification on the date – either the 10th or 12th, so I’ll post about that as soon as I know. I’ve seen them perform before and they are delightful! I look forward to seeing their show this year.

That’s all for now. I hope to have choreography video up after the new class session starts so everyone can practice at home, but I’ll keep you updated on that. Hope to see you all soon!


UPDATE: Shimmy Sisters and Oasis will perform Saturday, Sept. 17.

Hello Fellow Goddesses!

Dance Poster

Poster for the new class

Hello dancers! My name is Erica and I’m going to be teaching beginning belly dance at the Spirit Room. It will be a 10-class session with classes on Saturdays at 10am beginning September 25.

I started this blog mainly because I found that there is very little communication amongst members of the belly dance community in the Fargo-Moorhead area and I really want to change that. I have been aware of 2 other groups but they have not updated their web sites in at least a year so I’m not even sure if they are still operating. If you are aware of any other classes or events, belly dance or any kind of dance, please let me know and I will make an announcement.

On to business. For the first few classes you will need:

  • comfortable pants (yoga, sweats, harem, etc)
  • form-fitting t-shirt, tank top or choli – something that allows you to see how your hips and rib cage are moving
  • hip scarf or some sort of sash to put around your hips
  • zills/finger cymbals
  • footwear is a personal choice: barefoot, lyrical sandals, Foot Undeez, ballet slippers, socks

We’ll talk about veils during class. This is for beginners, but if you are an intermediate/advanced student I can give you alternate things to do to challenge you a little.

I look forward to this opportunity and to seeing faces both familiar and new in September!

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