Shimmy Mob is Imminent!

Shimmy Mob 2015

Shimmy Mob 2015

Mark your calendars and come out early to support your local bellydancers and marathon runners! Shimmy Mob will be at mile 2 of the Fargo Marathon at Happy Joe’s Pizza in the parking lot, north location, as part of Bands On The Run. We’ve been practicing hard and we’re pumped to be performing at this great community event!

What: Shimmy Mob performance, and troupe and solo performances from local dancers

Where: Happy Joe’s Parking Lot, 3132 North Broadway & 32nd Ave N., Fargo, ND

When: Saturday, May 9, 7:30am and 8:30am

Why: Raising awareness of the awesomeness of bellydance, and raising funds for the YWCA of Cass Clay

On Facebook, check out our event here.

Please check out more details on the tabs in the menu at the top of the screen, and please donate to YWCA in honor of the event. You might even win something for your donation!

Special thanks to:

The Spirit Room for giving us practice space

The Fargo Marathon and Happy Joe’s for giving us a place to dance

The dancers who have volunteered their time and effort!

Upcoming Events in the Fargo-Moorhead Area – get off your butt!

Le Belle de Trois

Le Belle de Trois

Hey everyone! Spring (LOL! Whatevs) is upon us and there is so much happening. I thought I’d keep you all in the loop. Make sure to check out my calendar page too.

Friday, April 19:

Vixen Variety Shows at Big D’s with 24/7 – If VV is there it’s totally worth it, right?

Saturday, April 20:

Edge Life Holistic Expo, Fargo Civic Center, both Saturday and Sunday

Blue Elephant Bazaar at the Spirit Room. Sale starts at 2pm, followed by a performance, meal, and book launch. This is an all-day celebration.

Superhappyfuntime returns to FM. Legacy Ballroom, 9pm

Saturday, April 27:

Le Belle de Trois at The Winery: 3 course meal and 3 course entertainment featuring Enchanting Erica, Ladyking Cole, The Alabaster Disaster, and Jarica Jordan.

Friday, May 3-Sunday, May 5:

CoreCon – fan convention extraordinaire at the Days Inn Moorhead. Visit the KEEP for Kaiju goodness and an in-depth look at nudist films, and see the Mistryl Shimmy Guard debut at the Death Star Visitors’ Lounge. There will be other stuff too. 😉

Saturday, May 4:

Vixen Variety Shows at the Legacy Ballroom, 10pm

Tuesday, May 7:

Chippendales at the Garage Bar, Moorhead, 8pm

Saturday, May 11:

World Bellydance Day Stage Show, Firehall Theater 415 2nd Ave N, Grand Forks, ND, 8pm

Friday, May 31:

Naughty Novice Night with Bad Weather Burlesque – check out the new talent and vote for the best Burlesque! More info TBA.

Obviously as the F-M area is pretty happenin’ there is much, much more going on, but this list is the best of the best. I’m not at all biased, really. 😉

Club Bellydance – So Awesome!


The big event has happened! If you missed it you may not see the likes of this spectacle again for a very long time. Bellydance Superstars’ Club Bellydance came to the Garage Bar in Moorhead, MN and it was AMAZING! We had so many different styles of dance, it was a wonderfully diverse showcase of talent. I can’t say enough good things!

I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who made this thing happen:

Bellydance Superstars Nathalie, Rebecca, Sabrina,Victoria, Sabah and Moria for coming to sunny Fargo/Moorhead to share their talents with us all. We love you!

The Lovely Dozen: Ana Ari, Amaya, Aremi, Saphira, Thura and Briste Aen, with solos by Ana Ari, Aremi and Saphira. They traveled from Grand Forks to participate in this great event.



Ana Ari

Ana Ari



Local favorites, The Shimmy Sisters: Annakiya Seher, Talea Jajel, Mystique, Ezra, Ella Za Beth and Kelebek Aslan, with solo by Ezra.

Shimmy Sisters

Shimmy Sisters



Gaia Sophia (Partner Joan was not able to join us unfortunately) traveled 3 hours from Pine River, and Ashley Throw came all the way from Minot. Cherish did not have as far to drive; Her tribal stylings have long been known in Fargo through her teaching at NDSU and work with Amber Waves.

Gaia Sophia

Gaia Sophia

And especially Ezma Siddiqah, my friend and dance partner who co-produced the show. She researched media, spent hours typing and re-typing info in community calendars, helped sort out the lineup, made the programs, came to meetings at the Garage Bar and generally kept me sane. All that and she dances beautifully!

Enchanting Erica and Ezma Siddiqah

Enchanting Erica and Ezma Siddiqah

Stevo Glendinning and Roxanne Goon from BDSS for contacting us in the first place and making sure we had everything we needed along the way.

Al and Tamara at the Garage Bar for hosting the event, and Ladyking Cole for introducing us.

Jarica Jordan and Jack Fantom for volunteering their time at the door and merch – your friendship and support mean a lot!

Our wonderful audience for showing up and cheering us on!

My parents for providing photos and my brother-in-law and sister who provided video that will be forthcoming.

And my husband Paul for also taking pictures and putting up with me and my glitter.

Me and Mikayla

Me and Mikayla

Victoria, me, and Moria

Victoria, me, and Moria

Every time I try to wrap up this post I think of someone else who contributed to this event. It takes a village to raise the roof! Let’s do it again real soon!

Apologies: Many photos, especially of soloists Gaia Sophia, Ashley Throw and Cherish and group number by The Lovely Dozen did not turn out because of the harsh stage lights. If you have any good ones please send them my way!

UPDATE: Thanks to Annette for getting a great pic of Gaia Sophia (above).

Fabulous February

Chocolate Veil

Chocolat du Trois at the Winery

Hi everyone! January is quickly coming to a close and there is so much going on in the next month! Let’s take a look:

NOW: Dance class at the Spirit Room just completed week 2 of 10 – having fun with veils! Read the interview with Enchanting Erica on their blog.

Feb. 2, 10pm: Uni-T Ball at the Legacy Ballroom, above the Pickled Parrot, 505 3rd Ave. N in Fargo. The best drag and burlesque in town!

Feb. 12, 7:30pm: Club Bellydance featuring me, of course, and my partner Ezma Siddiqah, Saphira, Cherish, Ana Ari, The Shimmy Sisters, Aremi, Ashley Throw, Gaia Sophia & Joan Anderl-Schaefer, Ezra, and The Lovely Dozen, and of course BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS Sabah, Moria, Nathalie, Sabrina and Victoria! Get your tickets HERE. $20 advance, $25 at the door. This is going to be EPIC! The Garage Bar, 3108 9th St. S., Moorhead, MN (next to the Safari Theater).

Feb. 14 & 15, 9 pm: Erotic Art Show, DK Custom Framing @ Gallery 14, performance downstairs at New Direction. Sexy art, saucy new acts from Bad Weather Burlesque and some yummy erotic poetry. Not to be missed! Art show starts at 7pm, live performances start at 9pm.

Feb. 16, 4-7pm: (note correction to time) Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, DK Custom Framing @ Gallery 14. Show off your artistic skills drawing Bad Weather Burlesque‘s gorgeous performers. Dry media only, no photography.

Feb 23, 7pm: Special show at The Winery, theme to be announced.

I don’t think I could possibly pack any more in! Will March be more restful? NO! I’ll be attending a week-long belly dance intensive at Jawaahir! I am so excited – I can’t wait!

Photo courtesy Shaun Johnson

Club Bellydance Update!

ClubBellydanceGreetings Friends and Fans! We’ve been able to flesh out some more info for you because I know you are dying to get your tickets and make your plans to see Bellydance Superstars and our awesome regional belly dancers! Here’s the haps:

When: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 7:30pm

Where: The Garage Bar 3108 9th Street South Moorhead, MN 56560

How much: $20 in advance and $25 at the door (plus tax/fees) GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!

Who:Enchanting Erica and Ezma Siddiqah
The Lovely Dozen
The Shimmy Sisters
Gaia Sophia of Nebu Ka’ Tribal and Joan Schaefer of Sofia Tribal
Featured solos from:
Ezra, Cherish, Ashley Throw, Aremi, Ana Ari, and Saphira
And best of all, Bellydance Superstars Sabah, Moria, Sabrina, Rebecca, Nathalie and Victoria!

Join us on Facebook for additional updates, photos, etc. This is going to be amazing!

Here’s a preview for you!


More details as they become available. Mark your calendars for February 12, 2013 at the Garage Bar 3801 9th St. South in Moorhead, MN. This will be a 21+ show.


Shopping Win! Belly dance gear at Applause!


Harem pants, skirts, coin belts

On Tuesday I stopped by Applause to pick up some tights and had a very pleasant surprise! The first person I saw working there was a bellydancer (Amy – I hope I’m spelling your name right – with Oasis and also Bad Weather Burlesque. She’s fantastic!). Then I found that their selection of belly dance wear had expanded since the last time I was there. Unfortunately, for the last couple of years the hours of my day job kept me from being able to stop by, so things have changed a little bit. They have some really pretty stuff in stock, and will do special orders. Just ask to see the catalog.


New 10 week class session starts Sept. 10 at 10am at the Spirit Room. Email me if you have any questions at

Shimmy Sisters, Oasis Dancers, Middle Eastern Dance students and special guests will be performing Saturday September 17th at the Beckwith Auditorium on NDSU Campus. Show begins at 7:30 pm.