Shopping Win! Belly dance gear at Applause!


Harem pants, skirts, coin belts

On Tuesday I stopped by Applause to pick up some tights and had a very pleasant surprise! The first person I saw working there was a bellydancer (Amy – I hope I’m spelling your name right – with Oasis and also Bad Weather Burlesque. She’s fantastic!). Then I found that their selection of belly dance wear had expanded since the last time I was there. Unfortunately, for the last couple of years the hours of my day job kept me from being able to stop by, so things have changed a little bit. They have some really pretty stuff in stock, and will do special orders. Just ask to see the catalog.


New 10 week class session starts Sept. 10 at 10am at the Spirit Room. Email me if you have any questions at

Shimmy Sisters, Oasis Dancers, Middle Eastern Dance students and special guests will be performing Saturday September 17th at the Beckwith Auditorium on NDSU Campus. Show begins at 7:30 pm.

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