What to Expect When You Are Expecting an Impressions Vanity SlayStation®+ 2.0

Greetings! Wow, I should blog more often than every year and a half! I’ll work on that.

Impressions Vanity

Completed Vanity

I’ve wanted to get a proper vanity for some time now. I have a LOT of makeup and I spend a lot of time on it (particularly in the before times). Up until recently I had been sitting on the floor of our bathroom putting makeup on in a hand mirror. I looked around for different options and I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted an Impressions Vanity.

Since they were having a Labor Day Sale I just went for it and got the SlayStation®+ 2.0 bundle, which includes the glass top 3-drawer tabletop, two 5-drawer towers, and the mirror of your choice. It is made of particle board. I got the black finish to match our existing furniture.

When ordering I checked the shipping info. It said that the larger orders are shipped via LTL freight and would come on a pallet. They do not pay for lift gate service, so we would have to get it off the truck ourselves. I called customer service to confirm this. I work in LTL as my job, so I was prepared for the necessary labor, AKA, my hubs. He is wonderful, by the way. He assembled one of the towers by himself while I was at work. When the product finally shipped it was sent via UPS parcel rather than LTL. So, the big brown van. That was fine, and the driver helped Paul get the packages to the door. The product came in four (very heavy) boxes. One box for the two towers, one for the table top, one for the mirror, and one for additional chair I ordered. There were lots of dings in the boxes, but the furniture was packaged extremely well and never came close  to actually being damaged. However, all of that packaging created its own issues.

No real damage, thank goodness!

One of the surprising issues is that the sheets of styrofoam shed onto the furniture pieces. It took extra time to vacuum off all the little pieces. It was a mess. I am not complaining, just warning that if you order one plan to have or borrow a vacuum with a hose and attachments. Really, this did save the product from damage so it’s worth the extra time.

Styrofoam stuck to furniture

So much styrofoam!

The whole project is very much like an IKEA situation. Everything is completely disassembled, even the drawer rails. To put together a single drawer there are technically eight pieces, not including the screws. The instructions were pretty clear for the most part. It wasn’t difficult to assemble, just time consuming. I would estimate over the two days it took about eight hours or so, and that is with two people working on it. The only snag we ran into is when we accidentally had one of the rails off kilter and forced it in to the tower. It ended up ripping out half of the ball bearings. But the metal in the rail was soft enough to manipulate and get the bearings back in place.

Lots of pieces

Lots of pieces

The mirror comes as two pieces (plus bulbs): the mirror itself and a stand. There are mounting holes on the back of the table top, which works great. But, because I am nearsighted and I wear glasses most of the time, I elected to put the mirror back on the stand so I can move it closer toward me when necessary. With all twelve globe lights in place it is BLINDINGLY BRIGHT. However, my hubs cleverly noticed there is a small dimmer switch next to the power switch, so problem solved.

I’m enjoy using the glass top as a display for some of my glam things. I don’t have all three drawers filled, but I’m working on it.

Some glam stuff

Some glam stuff.

I really like my SlayStation® a lot. However, I do have one issue with it. There does not appear to be any way to secure the vanity top to the towers. There are two bolt holes in the bottom of the table top, but there are no holes to connect them in the towers. Presumably those are meant to connect the top to a base that is just legs. This became a problem when I would reach down to open the bottom drawer. I would rest my hand on the top of the table and it would slide a little as I leaned down. The finish is sleek so it slides easily. We’ve rectified the situation by adding rubber grips we got at the hardware store. It helped a lot. I also put felt sliders on the mirror to move it back and forth on the table.

I would recommend the SlayStation® if you are prepared to deal with all of the issues as above. I am not paid to write this review. I’m not an influencer. Just a bellydancer who wants to give her peeps a heads up. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

SlayStation® Vanity Collection

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