UD Event Makeover

UD Naked Smokey Makeover

UD Naked Smokey Makeover

The Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette came out this week, after much breathless anticipation from my many fellow makeup addicts. Today there was an event and free makeovers at Sephora so I signed up (hey, free eyeshadow primer with purchase!) and told the artist to just go crazy. She seemed a little hesitant at first, but then got in the spirit of things.

So, I do not normally do a smoky look, especially accentuating my eyes in a rounder fashion. Hanging with burlesque artists I tend to default to an extreme wing/cat eye. It is interesting seeing what someone else would do with my look. I want to say we used 4 different colors from the palette, can’t remember the names but working in the cooler purple range. She also used a eyeliner pencil, but I did not catch what color it was. Urban Decay Naked Smoky is a really nice palette, but ultimately I did not buy it because I already have the Kat Von D Innerstellar palette and they have a lot of similar colors. They are both great brands.

The other thing I wanted to try was the Afterglow blush powder because they have some wild colors. I tried, and then ended up buying Bittersweet, which is purple (going for a theme). The artist was a little heavy handed on the application so I ended up blending it out a lot more when I got home. You can’t tell from the pic but it was kind of extreme. Not necessarily for every day but I could see me wearing this for a show. Major color payoff.

There was a lot of stuff going on with the eyes and cheeks so we went subtle with the lips. I believe we used the UD Revolution High-Color Lipgloss in Failbait. I only wear gloss when I have my hair pulled back, which I do today. My hair ends up sticking in the gloss otherwise, as many people have experienced.

We did not do my brows. I use Anastasia brow gel in Amber typically.

So I walked out of Sephora today with Afterglow blush and an eyeshadow single in Fireball. Fireball is one of the new duo-tone colors they just released recently. I also have Sideline and Tonic, and I really like them a lot. But for me the more unusual the better.

So that’s my story. Did you run out and by UD Naked Smoky right away? Did you like it?

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