Choreography, News, and The Mirror

Ta Da!

Finally finished! Hope it was worth it.

Long time, no blog. Well, first the news: Session 2 will begin on January 15 and will be on Saturdays at 10am for 10 weeks, just like the first session. I will also be hosting a little hafla for all Spirit Room belly dance students, past, present and future, on Sunday, January 9. More details about that as I get things nailed down.

Possibly even more exciting is that I (by which I mean Paul and I) finished framing the big mirror so we can see more of our lovely selves in class next session.  Hopefully it helps. It was quite a labor, I’ll tell you.

Most importantly though is the choreography from first session. I have the steps listed below. The music can be found on Youtube (thanks Stephanie!) or the MP3 is also available for download from your favorite e-tailer. Personally, I think the whole album is worth buying. The section in between the asterisks is the part that is repeated. I will review this next session also. Note: CW= clockwise; CCW= counter clockwise. Begin stepping with the right foot.

I look forward to seeing you all after the holidays!

Choreography: “Dimineata” by Shantel
Album: Bucovina Club

8ct    Wait
16ct    cross step/point, entering from off-stage

8ct    CW hip circle
8ct    CCW hip circle
8ct    Basic Egyptian x4
8ct    paddle turn to back
8ct    Basic Egyptian x4 (moving away from audience)
8ct    paddle turn to front
brief pause (first time only)
16ct    horizontal figure 8 x2 (or 4 half-moon: r/l/r/l)
16ct    verticle figure 8 in circle – 1 ct per hip
16ct    Arabic 1 to right x4 (switch feet on last beat here)
16ct    Arabic 1 to left x4 (switch feet on last beat)
8ct    grapevine starting with right foot, moving left
8ct    grapevine, opposite


12ct    vertical figure 8 in circle – 1 ct per hip


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