Anonymous Donor Rights Bellydance Wrongs, Restores Faith in Humanity

I’ve had an unexpected development in the story of my issues with Club Bellydance that I must share immediately. Some backstory for those of you who may be new:

In February 2013 I was the local sponsor for Club Bellydance, which I wrote about here. Although the show was fabulous, I had a great deal of trouble getting paid for our first act contribution to the show, which I wrote about in this article for the Gilded Serpent, and I had also blogged the email I sent directly to Miles Copeland.

Yesterday before class Dawn at the Spirit Room said she had a surprise for me. It turned out that an anonymous donor – and extremely kind and generous person or persons – had read my post and wanted to help. That donor sent me a money order for $415, the amount we had been owed by Bellydance Superstars for the show! Obviously I was absolutely delighted and grateful that this party would be so generous and caring. Please allow me to express my feelings in interpretive dance:

Disco Kitteh is pumped!

Disco Kitteh is pumped!

Now, I think I may not have made it 100% crystal clear in my blog post, which was to be an accompanying read for the GS article, but after 4 months of bugging people I did finally get paid by Bellydance Superstars, although I never did receive a reply from Miles Copeland or Stevo Glendinning regarding my criticisms of their business practices. I have since added an editorial note to that post. But now I still have this check and it was anonymous so I can’t return it. I am certain that the donor/s would want this to go to a good cause so here is my plan: I will be donating a portion of the proceeds to two bellydance charities. First for my dance sisters at the Lovely Dozen in Grand Forks I will be donating to their Shimmython to benefit the American Music Therapy Association. Second, as I am the team leader for Grand Forks’ Shimmy Mob 2014, I will be donating the remainder to a local organization to help victims of domestic abuse. You can learn more about Shimmy Mob here.

To the donor/s who so have been so gracious and generous: Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are the sort of person/people who keep the good energy in the universe flowing. You are truly helping others. Blessings to you and yours!

Excuse me, I need get a tissue. I seem to have something in my eye…