Shimmy Mob


Shimmy Mob is back in Albuquerque!

Who: For everyone who loves to dance, no experience required.

What: A global flash mob style event. All dancers worldwide will learn the same choreography.

When: Saturday, May 9, 2020

Where: Albuquerque, NM, and all over the world!

Why: This is a community event to show our love of bellydance, but it is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the global epidemic of domestic violence, and educate the public about the early warning signs.


Sign up at Look for the red button at the top right that says SIGN UP.

Pick your city! Scroll down the list to USA – New Mexico – Albuquerque. (Or other city if you are not in ABQ).

A pop-up will ask your roll. You can be a dancer, youth dancer, donor, volunteer or general helper. Everyone who registers gets a T-shirt.

Create your account – you will be prompted to fill in all of your contact info. I will send updates via email, and also I will form a Facebook group for 2020. I will add you if we are friended. If not, that’s OK. No pressure.

Pay $37 + s&h. This will cover the cost of T-shirts, mail, admin, and part will be donated to our local charity (TBA). All T-shirts will be sent to your team leader (ME) and distributed right before the performance day (May 9, 2020). The color will be a secret until the box is opened.

This is Shimmy Mob’s 10th year! We will have one main choreo and a finale choreo, and SIX bonus (optional) choreographies. We are going to concentrate on the main choreo though. You may perform the bonus choreos on or after May 9 as you like.

Learn the dance! Go to MY ACCOUNT – My Events – May Choreography and go through the tutorials. They are streaming on the web site. After the registration deadline of March 31 we will begin rehearsals to make sure we are all on the same page.

On Saturday, May 9 we will all perform the dance, joining thousands of dancers all over the world! ABQ location and time TBA.

Contact me with any questions!

Register at

Isalang Studios has kindly offered to host Shimmy Mob rehearsals. Thank you!

Isalang Logo

Shimmy Mob Albuquerque partnered with S.A.F.E. House NM in 2019.


Shimmy Mob May 2019 video:

Shimmy Mob Fargo 2015 video:

Here’s what we did for Shimmy Mob Grand Forks 2014:

And Grand Forks Shimmy Mob 2013:

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